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New Product, in stock and ready to ship!!

These new taupe/grey vases are perfect for holding your favorite pampas and florals for your home, weddings, and events. Made out of stone and coated with a taupe/grey colored latex/silicone material which is soft/smooth to the touch. Vase comes as a set of one and is approx. 9 inches tall, 6 inches long, and 6 inches wide.

Purchase options: Individual Vase, Vase with Large Spear Fan, Vase with Large Spear Fan Bouquet. Also looks nice with our tabletop faux which is available in multiple colors (see other listings).

Returns: We do not accept returns. Please acknowledge all of the above before making an order.

Loss/Damage: Please contact me in the unlikely event of loss or damage within 48 hours so that I can quickly help with the process of refunding/replacing a product. Please retain all packing and contents. Disposing of, or manipulating packing materials, will obstruct most carrier's insurance requirements and limit my ability to assist. Photographs will be required for this process, and/or possible inspection by a representative from the shipping carrier used. Please note that refunds or replacements will not be processed until the items have been inspected.


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Taupe Retro Vase