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Beautiful dried, dyed and preserved black ruscus. This product comes with about 3-5 stems of various sizes ranging from 24-32 inches in total length. It can have a little hint of dark brown or green on a small part in certain lights but not much. They use a lot of dye to get them as pure black as possible! Black dyed products such as this can rub off on hands so take care and don’t use near wedding dresses or have the ruscus touching against anything that could stain. 


Please read and contact us with any questions:
-Color, Size, and Shape of each plume may vary as this is a natural grown product and all are not the same exact size. Some may not be completely straight.
-Place in vase with no water.
-Trim carefully. 

Black Ruscus

  • Place in vase with no water. If get dusty over time, can wipe with a dry cloth. And that's it- no maintenance required!