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Please Read:
New product!  In stock and ready to ship! Beautiful, large, preserved hydrangea stem in black color. In certain light can have a slight midnight navy tone but very barely and only in certain lights. Each plume varies in shape can can gently be pulled apart to spread out if you prefer. Once opened up, the head ranges from approx 8-10 inches in diameter. Total height including plume and stem is approx 20-23 inches. Stems can be trimmed or propped up in vases. You can put just one stem in a vase, two, or break apart for vase bouquets. Creates a stunning display that needs no care. Perfect for all seasons, weddings, baby showers, etc. Don't use for bridal bouquets or boutonnieres as the black can rub off.

Please read and contact us with any questions:
-Color, Size, and Shape of each plume may vary as this is a natural grown product and all are not the same exact size. Some may not be completely straight.
-Place in vase with no water.
-Trim carefully. 
Note: black dyed products can come off a bit on your hands, so more for decoration, not handling or on clothes. Simply wash hands and comes off. Doesn't affect look of product or change color.

Dried Large Black Hydrangea Preserved

  • Place in vase with no water. If get dusty over time, can wipe with a dry cloth. And that's it- no maintenance required!