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New product, in stock and ready to ship!


Beautiful dried and preserved baby's breath. This product has stems of various sizes and does shed until you put in a vase. This will not affect the look, but may make a bit of a mess while unpacking. It will all be worth it though once you enjoy these beautiful light pink flowers. The flowers are light pink and the stems may be light pink or more magenta as shown in the photo. The total length is approx. 2 ft.


Please read and contact us with any questions:
-Color, Size, and Shape of each plume may vary as this is a natural grown product and all are not the same exact size. Some may not be completely straight.
-Place in vase with no water.
-Trim carefully. 

Light Pink Preserved Baby's Breath

  • Place in vase with no water. If get dusty over time, can wipe with a dry cloth. And that's it- no maintenance required!