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Large fluffy real natural pampas grass of premium quality. This is likely our last batch of the season! Available in 3 or 6 stems. We take good quality seriously and only ship our best stems, leaving the rest for clearance. Message us if you have a preference of our lighter, golden natural or light taupe natural. 


Approximately 4 ft (about 44-48") in length with plume ranging approximately from 26-32 inches. For reference I am 5'11" in photos.


Color, size, and shape of each plume of pampas may vary as this is a natural grown product. 


X-Large Pampas // Natural

  • Place in a vase with no water.
    Prior to shipping, we fluff your pampas outside in the sun and wind. We recommend that you do the same once you receive your pampas grass as they can lose fluffiness in the shipping process. Simply take outside and shake carefully holding the rod in the middle. Keep dry and do not worry about shedding- this is normal, expected, and will not change the look or shape of the plumes. Shedding will be minimal once you place in vase. Trim carefully.
    Hairspray may keep from shedding, but will give the pampas a wet look so in our opinion this is NOT recommended unless you feel necessary. You can spray with your favorite perfume but only if a misting spray. Strong sprays will create a wet look.


    Make sure you do not place in a bedroom of someone who is allergic to these types of florals, this is a natural grown product.