These beautiful bleached and preserved white Monstera Leaves are a great addition to your home decor or event. These sell in a bundle of 5 leaves and are approximately 15" wide and 19" long although sizing can vary slightly and stems can vary in length. These are real leaves that have been preserved so variations can occur both in the leaf and how it takes the color. Imperfections are expected since not man made. But these are really beautifully done. See photos for variation examples. These are not stiff/dry. They are soft and "floppy" and can be laid on a table, put in a vase to hang down, or you can dry them outside to put in a bouquet. Also available in light pink (see comparison photo and light pink listing).

White Monstera Leaves

  • Place in vase with no water. Trim as needed. If get dusty over time, can wipe with a dry cloth. And that's it- no maintenance required!