These gorgeous vase bouquets are designed by us and made to order. Each bouquet varies a bit in size (range 12-16 inches) and will be made up of ivory and natural tones as in photo. We do our best to match photo, but bouquets will vary of course. Also available in brown natural and pink (see other listings).


These vase bouquets are best displayed in a small vase with a smaller opening at top. Simply take off the velvet ribbon and leave on the tie that keeps the bouquet together. Place in vase with no water and voila you're done! We hope they make you smile each day! They make a great gift as well and last for years if not forever!

Vase Bouquet // Ivory

  • Place in vase with no water. Trim as needed. If get dusty over time, can wipe with a dry cloth. And that's it- no maintenance required!